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About us

European Association for Integrity is a professional association established in Bucharest Romania founded by polygraph and attorney at law professionals that have been used the forensic interview and polygraph technique for more than 35 years in government and private fields for PDD – psychophysiological detection of deception. The main purpose of the EUAI is to provide the instruments developed by the associates to those that are interested to use in administering or providing these kind of services. The instruments we use are: forensic assessment interview for integrity – FAINT – of the employees in any kind of company,¬†psychophysiological detection of deception – PDD – regarding integrity and misbehaving at the workplace, curicullum vitae veracity screening using both the FAINT¬†and PDD. Considering the fact that we can’t request something that we didn’t teach EUAI have the Teaching Integrity Program – TIP – our expert trainers will teach your employees what the organizational integrity is and how to accomplish the requested conditions for maintain the integrity at the workplace.